A fabulous bio, penned by my very good self….

I work as an accountant, and I must be honest, it was a bit of an accident.  You see, my husband began to run his own business, and I took a course to help him with the bookkeeping and admin side of things.  Then another course.  Then another.


And slowly, but surely, it dawned on me (I’m not the quickest on the uptake), that maybe, just maybe, I could work at an accountants, instead of being gainfully employed in a large retail establishment.  (doing the numbers, but still….). I  duly took up residence in an office in a delightful, family run accountancy practice, and learnt lots of exciting stuff during the 10 years that they were unfortunate enough to put up with me for.

Things like balance sheets, VAT, payroll, profit and loss accounts, self assessment tax returns.  Still awake?  Good.
Eventually, I decided to strike out on my own, and learnt even more thrilling stuff, and here I am now.
Loving what I do.

Bothering large and small businesses, badgering for information (that VAT Return won’t calculate itself you know), and being ever so slightly cheeky in the process. I’m a big fan of Xero, Auto Entry, Receipt Bank, and all those lovely time saving devices, but equally at home with a nice spreadsheet.  Colour coded?  Perfect. Linky bits all over the shop?  Even better!


I’m happy to show my clients how they can improve their business processes, and have been known to be quite firm on offering that opinion too. I think that’s a good trait.  You know exactly where you stand. And so do I, when you tactfully tell me to shut up.

Want to know more?  Think that we’d be a good fit?

Use the contact box, or pick up the phone.


Alternatively, connect with me via Linkedin, but I warn you, life’s a bit dull on there..