Bookkeeping is the love/hate task of many business owners, and it’s little wonder why. It has the impression of being onerous, scary, and too much to go wrong. But it doesn’t have to be that way – and that’s where I come in. I’m a bit pernickety, and actually, I quite like it.

Help with the books

If you’re drowning in paperwork, overwhelmed by spreadsheets or have branched out, and implemented some new fancy software such as Xero, but don’t know where to start, there’s good news.  You start here.  And now.

We’ll start by having a chat about your business. Once we’ve got to know each other over coffee and a biscuit, I’ll put together a plan of action according to your needs. Combining my, on occasion, quite startling expertise, and a sprinkling of tech wizardry, I’ll bring your books bang up to date.

Then, together, we can make sure that it doesn’t happen again.  See?  No longer scary.



If you want to do your own bookkeeping, (and why wouldn’t you?  You’re clearly awesome!), I can advise on that too.  Whether you want to start with a simple spreadsheet, or go all out with cloud accounting to set you off on the right foot, I have years of experience, and can find you the best fit.

Tailor-made bookkeeping

When it comes to how we work together, the decision is yours entirely. I can work on your premises, or remotely. I can meet up once a year, or I can become a monthly fixture at your offices. (quick heads up, I’m remarkably fussy about tea).  I’m entirely flexible. (did I mention the the tea?).