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Just imagine - sole-trader accounting without the hassle.

The problem

Let me guess. You've landed here because you know deep down that somehow, you're not quite in control. You have your login details for the dreaded Gateway account, and you promised yourself that you'd get it done in July, yet here we are.

What's the solution?

Self Employed

From just £35 per month or £40 if VAT registered

The solution

Here's where I come in. With MTD accounting on the horizon, it's going to be important to be organised and up to date.  Xero is your friend here. You'll take out a Xero subscription and we'll spend an hour setting it up, ready for you to flex your fingers and get cracking on your day-to-day accounts. Once you reach year-end you'll be ideally placed to start making noises about your tax return

And there's more...

Your year-end accounts aren't just a 'wham bam you're done' exercise. It's also a great opportunity to learn more about your business, your strengths and your weaknesses.  Together we can look at some planning for the year ahead - highlighting where you can make additional savings, maximise profit or reduce your tax liability.


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