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Just imagine - stress-free company accounts.

The problem

Limited companies can be a bit tricksy, can't they?  The deadlines are structured per year-end, and they always seem to jump out of nowhere.  Before you can blink, you're receiving letters from Companies House, telling you that you have exactly one month in which to submit your annual accounts. You thought you'd be organised, you've been doing the day-to-day stuff on Xero, yet you still feel a bit 'all at sea'. 

Don't worry, you're in the right place.

Limited Company Accounts

From just £60 per month or £70 if VAT registered

The solution

Let's get some clarity. You're already uploading your receipts and expenses onto Xero, and you're fairly confident that your bookkeeping is on track. If all you need is a set of annual accounts and a corporation tax return, that's a standard service. If you need more, such as bookkeeping support, payroll, etc., there's a whole range of services that are on offer. 

And there's more...

Once your year-end is complete, it doesn't stop there. We can work together all year, tweaking and readjusting to ensure that everything is ship-shape, adding and reducing services where necessary.

Limited Companies

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