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The one about the sex toys....

So you have some clients who are totally on the ball, very strict and disciplined, and nothing goes through their bank account that shouldn’t actually be there.

And then there are the others.

You know.

The ones who put butt plugs through their business bank account.

That woke you up, didn’t it?

I mean, I have nothing against them, per se, each to their own, etc.

But do I really need to see that? And what goes through their mind when they do this?

Why not put ‘monies owed’?

Why not put an actual name?

Why does it have to be so specific?

Is it a thrill, knowing that somebody else may see it?

Or is it a genuine error, a case of needing to pay somebody, and just grabbing the first bank account on the app?

Is it a joke, perhaps?

Maybe they actually owed somebody money for a pizza or something, and thought ‘I know what I’ll do! I’ll put BUTT PLUG! It’ll be such a HOOT! They’ll just DIE LAUGHING!’

I have news. Spoiler Alert. Its. Not. A. Hoot.

It’s an inconvenience.


Well, it stops me in my tracks. I have to ponder about whether it’s professional to tell or not tell my equally bemused peers (no names, no pack drill), and then write a blog about it, before calmly carrying on from where I left off.

It’s a bloody inconvenience.

And worse still, I can’t actually ask the client, can I? They may be embarrassed, god forbid, and given that I most likely couldn’t ask the question without snorting tea out of my nose, I’m on my own with this one.

It’s simply got to be coded as drawings/DLA.

So you see, it has to stop. You’re simply not being fair. Please, no more butt plugs.

It forces us lowly accountants to reprise the ‘bedroom or business‘ game.

But hey, at least I have a winner!

p.s. You didn’t know we played that, did you?



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