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What don't you understand?

Light curtains.

That’s what I don’t understand.

Or should I say, I do understand them. I can picture them.

In my head, they shimmer, like an invisibility cloak. They come in a velvet-lined box, and have to be folded very carefully, layer upon layer, in order to keep their beautiful fragility intact.


My husband works with light curtains. And apparently, they don’t look like that. They don’t even come in a box. Quite honestly I don’t understand why. How are they going to stay beautiful yet functional if they’re just left lying about the place? Supposing they rip or tear?

This brings me to my point.

Everybody has something that they don’t understand.

Lots of clients don’t understand accounting terminology, and you can spot them a mile away. You start off nice and light, they understand the concept of profit and loss, they know that their bank balances. But then it gets tricky. They don’t understand WHY it’s important to balance their bank. (Spoiler alert: as a minimum, it’s good to know that all the transactions are there, even if they’re coded all mixed up like the jelly bean counter in the sweet shop)

They don’t understand why we add depreciation, then take it off, then add it back in again under a different name, and it’s a different value.

Their faces go all funny, and they leave the office muttering something about ‘just wanting to know how much tax to pay’

So here’s a thought. It’s a bit radical, but bear with me.


Just ask your accountant what things mean. Ask them to stop and repeat the last phrase, and get them to elaborate.

They will. In fact, the trick is to stop them once they get going.

We’re a chatty lot once we get onto accruals and prepayments. And we positivity glow when we wax lyrical about depreciation.

But for the love of all things numbered, just ask.


A light curtain is a safety device and an alternative to a hard barrier. It does not shimmer. And I am bereft. It was a hard day when the non-shimmer issue arose.



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