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Why didn't I wear my new trainers?

A while ago I ordered some new trainers. They arrived, and they were great. Real bobby dazzlers.

They are my favourite brand, they fit me perfectly and are just the thing to replace my old tatty ones which had seen me through the last year, and if I think about it, were probably embarrassingly overdue for replacement.

My exercise of choice, which is to run around the park getting filthy whilst being 'encouraged' (and for this read 'shouted at') by the military fatigue-wearing instructor necessitates a regular replacement of footwear.

But I didn't wear my new trainers.


They were too nice. How could I?


I battled on with my old ones until I realised that in fact, the soles had definitely smoothed off in places, and they'd probably lost a smidge of their tigger bounce.

But last night I wore my new ones. It was excellent timing on my part. It was -4 degrees, therefore no chance of rain, and the ground was frozen.

Oh. My. Word.

The difference was incredible.

I stood taller.

I felt more connected to the ground and body.

I felt more 'ready'.

I didn't fatigue. We did hill sprints, and they were fine, not hard work at all. (but you know, just in case the instructors are reading this, I was most DEFINITELY out of breath).

I wish I'd done it sooner.

I wish I'd got those bad boys out of the box and onto my feet. Because the sooner I wear them out, the sooner I can replace them and get that 'box fresh, ooh this is good' feeling again.

Why am I writing this?

(apart from showing off my new trainers? ASICS Gel Nimbus thanks for asking....)

It got me thinking. What else do we put off?

Do we put off installing the new router because we didn't have faith in the old one, and anyway, hard-wiring the printer into the pc and dragging the cable is just fine?

Do we think that we should really finish tweaking that software, and painting that door?

Isn't it time we started to lose the procrastination, and start DOING?

What do you think? Are you with me?



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